Student Access Measures

Tracking System on Women’s Application Rate

The admission rate of female students is higher than the admission rate of male students (more than 50%). For the Doctor of Philosophy study level, there is an increase in the admission of female students in the year 2022 compared to 2021. This shows that women are increasingly understanding the importance of obtaining a higher education in guaranteeing their quality of life.

Policy on Women’s Acceptance/Entry

Based on the Entry Requirements for Undergraduate Program for Academic Session 2022/2023, there is no discrimination made based on gender in which all applications offered in UKM are open to Malaysian citizens and aged at least 21 years old and above in the year the application was made.


According to the current student enrollment, the majority of the student enrollment in UKM is female.

Women’s access schemes

The Academic Mentoring System in UKM or also known as UKM Mentor-Mentee Program is mandatory to  all students regardless of their achievement performance. Every UKM student who registers at every faculty has been determined by their respective mentors by each respective department.


Other than that, The Welfare Unit from the Center of Student Affairs is responsible for providing these supports. This unit prioritizes the welfare of students with 8 main cores which are food aid, vehicles (welfare services), aid fund, insurance, disabled and indigenous people, B40 data & education aid, scholarship and sponsorship, and Pusanika and Natural Education Forest. All aid and sponsorship is open and given to all UKM students which includes female students as well.


Encouragement on Women’s Application

SULUNG Malaysian Family Student Development Program (SULUNG) is an initiative introduced by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to provide opportunities such as collaboration with industries for marketability of B40 graduates, and provide assistances in order  to continue their studies in the universities for the first generation students who excel among B40 families but are less able.


Furthermore, the Center of Student Affairs (HEP) UKM organized the program Jejak Anak Watan to UKM’s prospective students’ homes to hand over offer letters to the university as well as assistance with admission fees and living expenses to five students, to lessen the burden of the preparation of student’s family before stepping onto campus.


Women’s Progress Measures

UKM has awarded 276 of women employees during the Service Award Appreciation Ceremony in purpose of recognizing the outstanding achievements of UKM staff in the 2021 performance evaluation as well as appreciating the loyalty and commitment of staff who have been serving at UKM for a long time.


Accessible Childcare Facilities for Mothers

UKM Tunas Kindergarten
Commonly known as Tadika Tunas UKM provides an early education program for children as young as 4, 5 and 6 years old that is based on the National Preschool Standard Curriculum (KSPK) and is subject to guidelines issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (KPM). Tunas Permata facilities are not only extended to staff, but also to UKM students.Currently, the kindergarten has a total of 120 students with a staff of 15.


Graduate room
Every faculty in UKM has a room designated for postgraduate students. These rooms are provided for students to carry out research activities. Not only that, this room is conducive for mothers who may bring their children to this room while doing their work.

Lactation room
UKM provides lactation room facilities for female staff to nurse their babies.

Women’s Mentoring Schemes

The Leadership Shadowing Program is a professional training to train potential leaders among young UKM lecturers, whether male or female. This program started on 1 July 2022 and will be implemented continuously for each year. This 2-month program must be followed by newly appointed academic staff as a leadership training program. This is one of the university’s efforts to provide exposure, experience and observation in leading the university in the present and future. The “ Shadow” or Pembayang is a participant consisting of lecturers in the appointed grade 51.


Women’s Leadership Centre

UKM Tun Fatimah Hashim Women’s Leadership Centre (TFHWLC)  is responsible for empowering women with education, training, research and policy formulation input towards fulfilling the demands and challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


The  TFHWLC offers various programs and training to further increase their knowledge and awareness in regards to issues relating to women such as leadership, entrepreneurship, self-defense, and healthcare such as cancer. All of the programs organized by TFHWLC are open to all which also includes UKM female employees and students.

Women’s Likelihood of Graduating

UKM has a track record of women’s likelihood of graduating compared to men’s and schemes in place to close any gap.

Overall, the majority of the graduates from UKM are female

Policy on Reporting Discrimination From Educational/ Employment Disadvantage

This Code of Practice aims to explain the procedures for handling complaints and preventing sexual harassment that can be taken and implemented on staff, students and outsiders who deal with UKM; This Code of Practice serves as a reference for Heads of Departments and Officers regarding the conduct of sexual harassment as well as the actions that can be taken by the parties involved in dealing with the conduct of sexual harassment in the workplace.

UKM has diligently instituted a comprehensive reporting policy aimed at addressing incidents of discrimination and sexual violence. It is imperative to note that any and all forms of discrimination are subject to rigorous investigation, and the university prioritizes safeguarding the confidentiality of the whistleblower’s personal information, as stipulated in the 2019 UKM Whistleblower Policy.


Women’s Leadership Webinar

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Referral for Sexual Harrassment Cases

According to Codes of Practice on Compaint Management and Sexual Misconduct Prevention (Amendment) 2021, individuals affected by sexual harrassment may be referred for psychological support and assessment.

Rehabilitation/Empowerment Programs for Sexual Harrassment Cases

As stated in Codes of Practice on Compaint Management and Sexual Misconduct Prevention (Amendment) 2021.

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