Centre of Students Affairs

The Student Management and Development Center (SISWA-UKM) and the PUSANIKA Management Center (PUSANIKA-UKM) have been merged/restructured into the Centre of Student Affairs (HEP-UKM) starting on 6 August 2019.

HEP-UKM is one of the PTj in the University that provides services directly to students. This service center generally plays a role in ensuring facilities and services as well as management and monitoring activities for students including counseling services, welfare, training and leadership, volunteering and publications. In addition, this service center also acts as an advisor, facilitator and manages all student welfare matters.



An initiative of affordable food variety for everyone.

Siswa Rahmah Menu

UKM is in an effort to support the goal of sustainable development by ensuring that its citizens have zero hunger. More than 11,000 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) students are eligible to enjoy Siswa Rahmah Menu at a price as low as RM3.50.


Food Bank@UKM

Allocate food for free, for people in difficulty.


Welfare Unit

The HEP Welfare Unit works with the spirit of prioritizing student welfare with 8 main cores:

  • Food aid
  • Vehicles (Welfare Services)
  • Relief fund
  • Insurance
  • PWD & Indigenous People
  • B40 Data & Educational Assistance
  • Scholarships & Sponsorships
  • Pusanika & Nature Education Forest

Official website: www.ukm.my/hepukm/unit-kebajikan-penajaan

Sustainability Garden@UKM

A campaign of grow your own food the easy way.

Sustainability Garden@UKM

The  sale  took  place  during  a program  which  encourages  people to plant their own vegetables as a means  to  cut  cost  and  to  ensure the  vegetables  they  consume  are free from pesticides.

This  program  also  provides  an opportunity to buy hydroponic set and  gardening  tools  in  addition  to the  sale  of  vegetable  pots  and seeds.

Botanical Garden Market

This market is held once a month at Vegetable House to sell fresh produce form Bangi Botanical, UKM. 

Products sold include:

  • Compost
  • Lemon
  • Meat
  • Potted flower, herbs and plants
  • Vegetables
  • Limes
  • Corns

Taman Lestari UKM

Taman Lestari UKM YSD@FKAB is a garden that is planted with various types of vegetables, such as lettuce, mustard greens, okra and sweet potato.

Taman Ilmu@Chancellory

Taman Botani UKM@Faculty of Science and Technology

Healthy Food Innovation@UKM

A campaign of grow your own food the easy way.

Technology of food innovation@UKM

UKMRC-9 Primera Rice

UKMRC-9  was  developed  through  advanced  backcross breeding using Oryza rufipogon as the donor parent and Oryza sativa subspecies indica cv MR219 as the recipient recurrent parent.  Favourable  wild  alleles  from  O.  rufipogon  were successfully  transferred   into  MR219  through  marker-assisted selection. UKMRC-9 was one of the advanced breeding lines with high yield, blast resistance, low glycemic index, high fibre and red pericarp.


Innovation Centre for Confectionery Technology (MANIS)@UKM

To delivering analysis services, development and research of food products and others.

Module for Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN)

There are a total of 4 modules, both in English and Mandarin, and 4 teaching kits, making a total of 12 copyrights. The modules are of the following topics:

  • Science of Edible Bird’s Nest
  • Preparation of Edible Bird’s Nest filling
  • Basic Hand Made Chocolate Module
  • Preparation of Cordial Beverage


Fruit Juice Drink

TP 3-in-1™ is an innovation involves a specially formulated beverage consists of a mixture of tropical fruits with a therapeutic dosage of polyphenols to prevent risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease.


Unique Kelulut SuperFood Factor (UKSF)

The Faculty of Health Sciences in collaboration with UKM’s CRIM Bioceration Laboratory has collaborated to produce the copyright UNIQUE KELULUT SUPERFOOD FACTOR (UKSF) as one of the research results from the UKM Translation Grant (2021).



Gynulin™ – Functional Drink for General Wellbeing is a herbal supplement product for management of blood glucose, pro-fertility and pro-libido.


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