UKM’s Net Zero Emission Target 2050

UKM has started a Carbon Tracking Program on campus starting in 2022. This initiative is in line with the university’s desire to create a sustainable campus as stated in the UKM 2030 Sustainability Strategic Plan. This program applies the methodology prescribed by the GHG Standard Protocol for reporting greenhouse gas emission rates. UKM’s objective is to progressively decrease the carbon emission rate within the campus by 2030, with a broader, long-term aim of achieving a carbon-neutral status by 2050.

To attain this goal, UKM implements a range of initiatives aimed at diversifying sustainability efforts, which encompass activities like tree planting programs and forest reserve conservation program. These endeavours are considered essential as part of UKM’s strategy to offset carbon emissions by the UKM Forest Reserve in Bangi.

Moreover, UKM has taken steps to reduce electricity consumption on its campus through two main strategies. These strategies involve the gradual conversion of energy-efficient equipment and the introduction of measures to harness renewable energy sources, such as solar power, within the campus premises.

UKM’s Initiatives Towards Net Zero Emission Target 2050