Transportations (TR)

As a sustainable-led university, UKM provides a number of sustainability commuting facilities within its compound. This is to accommodate the UKM community and reduce the need for commuting using vehicles such as car and motorcycle, which in turn would help to reduce the amount of carbon footprints. In addition, the sustainable commuting facilities offered by UKM is considering the user with disabilities. The facilities are shown as below:

Shuttle Services

There are 19 shuttle buses provided in UKM for students and staffs, as an iniatitive to reduce the number of invididual vehicles in campus.

Shuttle Bus UKM

Pendeta Za’ba College

Keris Mas College

UKM Commuter Station

from Pavillion Gate

from Main Gate


Hydrogen Car Fuel Cell Vehicles

UKM is in the progress to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by installing a Solar Photovoltaic Panel on 50 campus buildings through the UKM Solar project will involved an investment of RM 24 million. Alongside, UKM have a collaboration project with Petronas on a Sustainable Hydrogen Energy project.

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Electric Buggy ride facilities in UKM

Pedestrian Pathway

Zebra Crossing