Student Society

Student Association on Sustainability

UKM Friends’ of the Gardens Club

UKM Friends’ of the Gardens Club, is a students’ club organize various activities on environmental sustainability.


UKM EcoVolunteers Club

The establishment of EcoVolunteers Club started at Kolej Ibu Zain (KIZ) UKM in line with the college’s aspirations to become a sustainable college. This group is growing not only in the college but throughout UKM. EcoVolunteers Club focus on three aspects of the elements in their movement, namely Knowledge, Community Service and Health. Exposure to knowledge about the environment and its ecosystem is very important for ecovolunteer’s understanding of the function and role of the environment in our lives. The knowledge gained will be able to be used through a series of volunteering programs with the community in the form of lectures and various other activities to develop the ability to care for the environment. Therefore, all the efforts that have been taken in preserving the environment will be able to create a healthy and prosperous community and environment.

UKM EcoVolunteers Club work with various parties, whether with the government, private sector or non-governmental organizations and communities. The construction of this collaboration network will be able to provide added value to members and also to UKM as a leader in community and environmental development.


Environment and Green Energy of Malaysia Association (EniGMA-UKM)


Earth and Space Science Graduate Association (ESSA-UKM)

Earth Science Student Association (ESSA) are a group of student community mainly from Institute of Climate Change, UKM and collaboratives with others member from FST and FTSM.


MyAgrosis Club

The Myagrosis Club was established to help students interested in the basic agricultural and food industries. This club is directly guided by MARDI and UKM-CESMED. Club members will be given the opportunity to attend courses related to the basic fields of agriculture and food as a guide in running a business.