UKM Celebrates Disabled Graduates during 51st Convocation | SDG10

The 51st Convocation of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia has provided various unique attractions and privileges to the graduates. Not to be left behind, this historic ceremony was also graced with the success of graduates with disabilities (OKU) who gave inspiration to Watan University students that disability is not a ticket to failure.

UKM Always Strives to Strengthen the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (OKU) with the Aspiration of Making the University an Inclusive Campus. In Lembayung UKM’s core has recommended that all UKM citizens should have a national identity and be enthusiastic in developing a society and country towards a caring campus that is disabled friendly.

The involvement of the Cakna OKU Club to continue helping those in need on campus can give exposure to students about our welfare and concern for them. Thank you UKM Disabled Service & Support Unit & Cakna Oku Club for their close cooperation.

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